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No one disclaimer notice can adequately cover all websites, but the disclaimer example provided is perfectly adequate for any basic website and is specifically intended to cover smaller, personal websites. You may need to add more specific clauses to cover different areas if your website involves memberships, age restrictions, subscriptions or lots of financial transactions, sales of products or downloads, etc.

If you do have a site that engages in e-commerce, you will also need a separate Terms of Sale to cover your transactions, guarantees, returns policy, etc. The kind of disclaimer you have will relate directly to the degree of risk involved in operating your website. This free disclaimer is aimed very much at websites that do not involve the provision of specific high risk services, professional advice or significant e-commerce. It will be ideal for an individual artist, personal website or information/content site aimed at generating Adsense revenue. It also has a section referring to links to other websites, which is useful for websites recommending affiliate products.

If you need a more comprehensive disclaimer for an e-commerce site please refer to the range of legal documents available on Net Lawman.

On some websites the disclaimer is referred to, or included in, a Terms of Use or Terms and Conditions statement, and it can sometimes include a privacy policy too. It doesn't really matter what you call it, but it does need to be accessible and easily available. The reason you can't just tuck it away somewhere hard to find is that if something did go wrong and you were challenged legally, the disclaimer may be seen as invalid if it was hard to find. The best way to set it up is to give it a page on its own in your top level directory, and put a discreet link to it from every page on your site, perhaps at the bottom of the page.

The template provided is based on English law and jurisdiction. While the basic principles hold good you may wish to check for variations in relation to your own jurisdiction and make any necessary adjustments.

A copyright section is included in the 'Licence To Use This Website' section of the disclaimer. This can be of particular relevance if you are an artist, and there is an additional section in square brackets relating to copyright of images which you can leave in if your site contains a lot of images of artwork.